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Upbeat about Sistema-inspired music programmes: how they are raising the bar for children in deprived areas

credit: Kimberly Warner/BRAVO Youth Orchestras

Picture credit: Kimberly Warner/BRAVO Youth Orchestras Andrea Creech El Sistema, the Venezuelan music education programme that claims to transform lives through intensive participation in orchestra and choir, has again been in the news. In a preview to his forthcoming book based

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The London effect did not just happen without hard work

Chris Husbands For several years, the outstanding success of London Challenge has been a beacon for school improvers across the nation and beyond. The marked improvement in the performance of London secondary schools in the decade after 2002 has been

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Education and the tyranny of numbers

education and the tyranny of numbers

Stephen J Ball  We are now, as Jenny Ozga aptly puts it, ‘governed by numbers’. Numbers in different aspects of our lives rate, compare and allocate us to categories. Numbers define our worth, measure our effectiveness, and in a myriad

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Your vocabulary aged 40 depends on how much you read as a teenager

Originally posted on The Conversation Alice Sullivan Reading for pleasure as a child has been powerfully linked in research to the development of vocabulary and maths skills up to the age of 16. But does reading still have a part

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Looked after children: how can teachers help them achieve and thrive?

Claire Cameron “What did you do at the weekend?” It seems like an innocuous question to ask pupils at the start of the school week. But for children in the care system it can raise a whole range of uncomfortable

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