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Let’s replace our Fortnum’s v Walmart system with a John Lewis model of schooling

Sandra Leaton Gray Last week, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) published an analysis of fair opportunities for pupils (PDF). Andreas Schleicher, its Special Adviser for Education, has said that social division represents a long term issue for the

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Confusion in the (social mobility) ranks? Interpreting international comparisons

John Jerrim  Last Friday the Sutton Trust published a very interesting report questioning the validity of global educational rankings. Having written extensively on this subject myself I can only welcome this report as making an important contribution to policymakers’ understanding of

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What does social mobility look like? It depends on your point of view

Chris Husbands  Social mobility is news. At the Sutton Trust/Carnegie Foundation London social mobility summit last month, leading politicians from all three parties lined up to decry Britain as a country with lower levels of social mobility than almost any other advanced

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The pupil premium: should schools invest in teaching assistants?

Peter Blatchford and Rob Webster The government has announced plans that could change the way schools manage provision for some of the most vulnerable pupils. Both the injection of cash for pupils on free school meals via the Pupil Premium

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In selective Bucks, an academy goes comprehensive

Stephen Ball Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden’s seminal study of grammar schooling in Huddersfield, Education and the Working Class, was published by Penguin books exactly 50 years ago. Focused on the experiences of 88 working class children, it is about

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