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Pasties, caravans and school buildings… U turn if you want to

Stephen Ball It is government U-turn season! We can now eat pasties straight out of the oven without paying VAT, sell-off our house and move into a static caravan, have secrets discussed openly – well in secret anyway, and 261

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A computing revolution? We’d all love to see the plan

Rose Luckin The press has been buzzing with features and commentary on the challenges and opportunities of computing in schools. John Naughton in the Observer outlined a manifesto for teaching computer science in the 21st century, and Janet Murray in the

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Gangs, violence and the pressures on urban boys to act tough

Jenny Parkes Home Office statistics show that 40% of the young people brought before the courts following the August riots were on free school meals; more than a third had been recently excluded from school and two-thirds had a special

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How can London schools be so good, given the high cost of living for teachers?

Rebecca Allen Chris Cook, the Financial Times education correspondent, has been writing about the Department for Education’s suggestion that the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB)should consider whether greater variation in teachers’ regional pay is needed. He notes that greater variation in

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How the times are a-changing: tracking childhood from the 1960s till today

Jane Elliott Do children’s early life experiences determine their future health, wealth, and happiness? Can the ambitions and aspirations of seven year olds have a major impact on their future career and family life? How true is the Jesuit maxim

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