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Is the promotion of mutual respect and tolerance incompatible with the faith ethos of some schools?

Jonny Scaramanga The Government has repeatedly affirmed its support for faith schools and parents’ right to pass on their religious beliefs. At the same time, standards for independent schools, announced last year, require the promotion of “mutual respect and tolerance

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Thatcher’s education legacy

Chris Husbands She established more comprehensive schools than any other secretary of state for education. She raised the school leaving age.  She set up the Bullock Committee which produced a ground-breaking report on language and learning still held in awe

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20 years on and departments of education are ‘next in line for the treatment’ again

Geoff Whitty Michael Gove recently wrote an article in the Daily Mail attacking so-called Marxist teachers and teacher educators, who he characterises as “the enemies of promise”.  Reading this no holds barred critique may well have given many who work

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