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How boom times for pure research bred the Bomb

Paul Temple A recent biography of J Robert Oppenheimer (there have been six since 2004 alone), Inside the Centre: The Life of J Robert Oppenheimer (2012), by Ray Monk, Professor of Philosophy at Southampton University, makes you think about both

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‘Why do we legislate? – Because we can’: why is England number one for law-based reform?

Dan Gibton The quote in the headline, from a senior MP, illuminates a unique quality of England’s education policy and reform: legislation. Putting it in first place worldwide, in a class of its own, England ratifies a comprehensive education act

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Falling pay, less happiness at work

Francis Green Two months ago the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) revealed that the cuts in real wages in Britain over the last few years of stagnation have been the deepest since records began. And now figures collated by the

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Research shows why anti-immigrant attitudes can fan the flames of ethnic intolerance

Germ Janmaat The row over Home Office vans telling illegal immigrants to “go home or face arrest” has once more put immigration in the spotlight. In the run up to the 2015 general election, the Tories will undoubtedly come up

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Child protection: Schools want and need clear statutory requirements, not freedom to do their own thing

Chris Husbands We have been here before. Daniel Pelka’s name is added to the grim roll call of cases of children murdered following months or years of abuse: Maria Colwell, Jasmine Beckford, Victoria Climbie, Lauren Wright. The conviction of Daniel’s

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