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Election manifestos: a multi-coloured swap shop?

Chris Husbands  Blue, red, yellow, green, purple: they are bright colours. There is a reason why political parties choose them – to stand out, to be unmistakable. So too, do the election manifestos provide us with the parties’ views of

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Muslim education: should teachers be storm troopers or facilitators of debate and intercultural understanding?

Farah Ahmed Delegates to this year’s NUT conference raised concerns about the new requirement for teachers to ‘counter extremism’ and ‘actively promote British Values’. This policy was characterised as requiring teachers to act as ‘storm troopers’ – expected to spy

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Re-sitting the SATs: would this narrow the gap or just measure it?

Val Hindmarsh and Helen Morris If the Conservatives form the next government, Nicky Morgan proposes to make 11-year-olds who don’t reach the expected standard in the Key Stage 2 SATs re-sit the tests in Year 7 in a bid for

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Why employing autistic people makes good business sense

Anna Remington, UCL Institute of Education Microsoft has announced its intention to hire more autistic people – not as a charitable enterprise but because, as corporate vice-president Mary Ellen Smith said: “People with autism bring strengths that we need at

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If we care about democracy private schools should be an election issue

John White The election campaign has all but ignored private education. This is odd, since it raises an issue central to the country’s future. I am not talking about equality of opportunity – about the complaint that, unlike the rest

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