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Rewriting history: what children learn may not match the political script

Arthur Chapman and Tina Isaacs.  This month the College Board  in the US published revised standards for its Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum for US history courses. For those unfamiliar with the AP programme, it offers university level courses for students in their

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Autistic people are more creative than you might think

Anna Remington. Autism is commonly, if mistakenly, associated more with logical thinking than creative expression. But new research suggests we might need to rethink our views on creativity and autism. The criteria we use to diagnose autism have long made

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Culture shock: can Chinese teaching methods work here?

Katharine Carruthers.  The BBC documentary Are our Kids Tough Enough? Chinese School is creating some discussion in the UK about Chinese and British teaching methods, but what about the reaction in China? Here are three anonymous comments from the thousands

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Exam boards: ripe for nationalisation?

Chris Husbands. The schools minister is angry with what the press continue to call ‘examination boards’ but which have for over a decade been formally called awarding organisations. They set examination questions that some combination of public, press and government think

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School uniforms and double standards

Jessica Ringrose and Rosa Tully. A school in Stoke-on-Trent has banned skirts on the grounds that they are ‘distracting’ to male teachers and pupils. The head teacher said that as girls ‘get older their skirts get shorter’. Jessica Ringrose, Professor of Gender

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