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Should we eat more fish or more ice-cream to boost PISA scores?

Two cautionary tales ahead of December’s publication of new PISA results

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Paying for a private sixth form education: how much difference does it make?

Francis Green and Morag Henderson. Britain’s private schools have again entered the public eye, with increasing concern over social mobility and social justice. There have been pressures for reform from several quarters. The most extreme was a September call for

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Is PISA ‘fundamentally flawed’ because of the scaling methodology used?

Concerns about part of the methodology used in calculating PISA results may have been overblown

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How much does private schooling raise your pay, and does it make you give more to the community?

Francis Green.  Private schools find themselves in the news lately, more than they usually are. Boris Johnson became the fifth Old Etonian prime minister since the war, and immediately appointed a cabinet in which nearly two-thirds were privately educated, re-affirming

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