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Here is what makes some writing ‘world leading’

  Dominic Wyse. There is a wonderful scene in the film Amadeus that depicts Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart dictating, from his death bed, the words and music of his Requiem mass – a piece thought of as a requiem for the

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Engaging with policymakers – some tips to help you on your journey…

Originally posted on ESRC blog:
Rob Davies is Public Affairs Manager for CLOSER, the UK longitudinal studies consortium funded by the ESRC and Medical Research Council (MRC). His role is to raise awareness of longitudinal studies among policymakers and parliamentarians…

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Higher education – The key to greater freedom

Simon Marginson This is a crucial time for the United Kingdom, Europe and higher education, in an extraordinary landscape in the Atlantic countries and Western Europe that no one saw coming a year ago. Matters are different in East Asia

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Give it time

Alissa Goodman and Alice Sullivan. Recent political events have focussed minds on society’s deeply rooted inequalities and their long-reaching consequences. The gap between the rich and poor is growing as is the gap between generations – a recent IFS report found

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Changing the subject: why pushing pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds to take more academic subjects may not be such a bad thing

Becky Allen Today, Sutton Trust published our report on the 300 secondary schools who transformed their curriculum between 2010 and 2013 in response to government policy, achieving a rise in the proportion of pupils entering the EBacc from 8% to

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