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Some are more equal than others: who is music education for?

Andrea Creech.  The National Music Plan (NMP) aims to enable children from all backgrounds and every part of England to have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument; to make music with other people; to learn to sing; and to

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Upbeat about Sistema-inspired music programmes: how they are raising the bar for children in deprived areas

Picture credit: Kimberly Warner/BRAVO Youth Orchestras Andrea Creech El Sistema, the Venezuelan music education programme that claims to transform lives through intensive participation in orchestra and choir, has again been in the news. In a preview to his forthcoming book based

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How music-making helps people ‘love later life’

Andrea Creech Age UK has launched a high profile campaign, challenging us to think aboutA how to love later life. Music-making offers a creative and cost-effective response to this challenge. This view is articulated in our new book, Active Ageing with MusicA, through the

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Ageing in a digital world: the opera

Andrea Creech Something very special has been happening in the depths of the East Sussex countryside. Today, tomorrow and Saturday (March 7-9 2013) music-lovers will be arriving at Glyndebourne to see the world premiere of a brand new opera by Orlando

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Are talented children at risk in specialist music schools?

Andrea Creech The case of former youth choir director Michael Brewer, convicted at Manchester Crown Court of indecently assaulting a former student, and the subsequent tragic death of brave, talented Frances Andrade, has been followed by a series of allegations

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