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Should we eat more fish or more ice-cream to boost PISA scores?

Two cautionary tales ahead of December’s publication of new PISA results

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Is PISA ‘fundamentally flawed’ because of the scaling methodology used?

Concerns about part of the methodology used in calculating PISA results may have been overblown

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How do GCSE grades relate to PISA scores?

Exploring the link between international test scores and KS4 results

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PISA: are teenagers in England addicted to social media (And does it matter)?

Looking into whether evidence from PISA supports recent claims

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Despite the government’s best efforts, there has yet to be any reduction in teachers’ workloads

John Jerrim. Five years ago, when results from the TALIS 2013 survey were released, there was one thing that particularly caught the attention of education policymakers, unions and school leaders – teacher workload. This study revealed how lower-secondary teachers in

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