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The experts who put storytelling, language and better paid teachers at the heart of early education

Thinking ahead. Shutterstock Natalia Kucirkova .  There are a lot of things to remember at the start of a new school term. Uniforms, sports kit, stationery equipment, activity clubs … Often forgotten are the names of the people behind the learning

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Jerome Bruner: ‘A life is a work of art, probably the greatest one we produce’

Chris Watkins.  Jerome Bruner, one of the most influential writers of our times in the fields of psychology, culture and education died aged 100 on June 5 2016. His writing scored much more than a century: it set up enduring

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Bruner scores a century!

Chris Watkins Yes, Jerome Bruner, currently Professor at New York University, will turn 100 on October 1. And in the snappy headline to this blog, it’s his scoring (writing) which has been one of the main contributions to so many lives

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