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Disadvantage and worklessness: a longitudinal perspective

Rob Davies is Public Affairs Manager for CLOSER, the UK longitudinal studies consortium funded by the ESRC and the Medical Research Council. CLOSER brings together eight biomedical and social longitudinal studies, with participants born as early as the 1930s to

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International Women’s Day: we cannot take progress for granted

Heather Joshi. Is the glass half full or half empty? On International Women’s Day, here are some findings from our research. They point to progress, it’s true, but also to persistent inequality between men and women. The good news is

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Our 6th form research analysts

  The Nuffield Research Placement programme allows 1,000 students in the first year of post-16 education who want to go on to study Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths at university to gain some work experience in their field of interest.

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Digital Economy Bill: how academic research + government data = a rich mine of information

Alison Park.  Government departments and agencies build up routine information about all of us as part of their everyday activities. Who should have access to these data? Were it not for Brexit, it’s likely that the last few weeks would have

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How does moving house affect young children?

Is the upheaval of moving home detrimental to young children’s development? In a special issue of Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, Prof Heather Joshi and colleagues explore this question in the context of the US and UK. They come to the conclusion that moving home in and of itself is no bad thing – instead it is the constellation of difficulties that contribute to undesirable home moves for disadvantaged families that policymakers need to address. In this blog Prof Joshi discusses the findings, and the potential policy implications.

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