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Worlds apart? How pupils with special needs lead a life away from their teachers and classmates

Rob Webster and Peter Blatchford This week the government’s long-awaited Children and Families Bill was presented to Parliament for its first reading. The Bill – which will prompt the biggest shake up of special educational needs (SEN) in 30 years

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The guide on the side: realising the value of teaching assistants

Rob Webster, Peter Blatchford and Anthony Russell What does it mean to be educated? What does an educated person look like? These worthy questions were the subjects of debate at the recent IOE-hosted, London Festival of Education, and, unsurprisingly, teachers

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Let’s do (school) lunch: lessons in social and emotional development can never replace the real thing

Ed Baines and Peter Blatchford School lunchtimes have been stirring up a lot of interest. Jamie Oliver’s campaign to improve school meals has been very successful and the Children’s Food Trust has picked up the mantle to help schools improve children’s

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The pupil premium: should schools invest in teaching assistants?

Peter Blatchford and Rob Webster The government has announced plans that could change the way schools manage provision for some of the most vulnerable pupils. Both the injection of cash for pupils on free school meals via the Pupil Premium

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Class size or teaching quality? The pendulum swings again

Peter Blatchford The class size debate has opened up once again. The prevalent view this time seems to be that class size is unimportant. This was apparent in the media coverage of one London council leader who wanted the cap

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