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Back to teacher development’s big questions: what is education for?

John White.  The idea of a National Education Service (NES) is gaining speed. It’s described as “a scheme to join up the disparate elements of education, providing free lifelong learning from nurseries through schools to universities and adult education”. This

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How philosophy and theatre can help us value profoundly disabled people

John Vorhaus A series of philosophical questions arise from reflection on profound disability and dependency, with implications not only for profoundly disabled people, but for all of us at some stage in our lives. A few thoughts about our moral

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Teachers in turmoil – how can new teachers square the circle of inclusion v targets?

Ruth Heilbronn What professions are likely to be tempted into unethical behaviour? Bankers? Politicians? Journalists? What about teachers? They are not the first group of professionals who spring to mind, yet teachers are frequently drawn into tensions over what is

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