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Our young people deserve to have citizenship education teachers who are properly trained if we are to close the class gap in political awareness

Hans Svennevig and Sera Shortland. “I want to grow up in a country where the people are more powerful than the government.” This statement was made by 16-year-old Harry in a speech he gave during MP6, a political speaking competition

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Voter turnout: how the education system widens the social class gap

Jan Germen Janmaat and Bryony Hoskins. The low turnout of young people in elections is a persistent problem in many Western democracies. In the UK, turnout among  18 to 24-year-olds in the last two general elections was almost half of that of

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When students' attainment is mismatched with their university course, life chances are affected

Gill Wyness and Lindsey Macmillan. Higher education has long been thought of as a tool to equalise opportunities, with governments around the world spending billions per year on encouraging disadvantaged students into university through financial aid and other widening participation

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10 years on: how researchers and the autistic community are making a future together

Anna Remington and Laura Crane. The way we view autism is slowly changing. When the Centre for Research in Autism Education (CRAE) was set up in 2009, autistic people were not often heard. Today, a world-wide Climate Change protest is led by

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